My Pocket Operators

Last September I stumbled upon this:

I instantly fell in love with this little machine. Those beeps and glitches were too much for me. Her name was Pocket Operator Arcade or PO-20 for short, and she was (still is) a beautiful 8-bit synthesizer coming from Teenage Engineering, Sweden. Look at these buttons, the colors, the profile, those funny animations… She is so retro and barebone!

As you may expect, I bought one and I learned how to use it. It was incredible fun and easy to play! I wonder why I’ve never seen anything like this before… Like everyone does nowadays when is buying a gadget, I searched YouTube and found tons of video tutorials showing how to start using this masterpiece and her 6 little sisters (by now) in a few minutes.

I was so impressed with the quality of the sound and the usability of the synth that I decided to buy another one, so my PO-20 won’t be alone anymore. So last month I chose PO-12 or Rhythm, a drum machine. Now I can connect both and jamm small melodies I hope I’ll share with you soon.

But, you know, after #2 comes #3, and right now, I’m deciding who will be next. Probably PO-14 Sub, but I’m not sure, could be PO-28 Robot… I’ll let you know 😉

How to change the default search engine to DuckDuckGo (or other) in Epic web browser

One of the flaws of Epic web browser (by the way, a web browser that I highly recommend) is that you can only use the Epic search engine.

I don’t like it, so if you want to change it, to let’s say DuckDuckGo like I’ve just done, you must follow these steps, wich involve opening the app in an hex editor and changing the URLS from{searchTerms} to{searchTerms} in my case (version 53.0.2785.143 (64-bit)).

New brand, new design, old mistakes?

This weekend I’ve been moving all my web site from to Yes, unnecesary. I was bored, you know…

Any excuse is good to expend some time fighting with CSS and PHP, so I decided to redesign the web, mostly inspired by a couple of sites that I visited last month. Although I’ve found that this kind of “minimalistic” design is more or less popular, I think that is very neat and clean, and also fits all the requirements for my small responsive web.  I like it! Hope you too! 🙂

Also, as you may notice, there is another big change. I’ve started to write in English, not only because is a “.com” site, but because It’s a good way to improve my language skills and gain some readers along the way. My goal is to have one reader before New Year’s Eve, at least 😉 Now, seriously, I have to take time each week to write here and talk on whatever I’m wasting my hours. Mental note: avoid procrastination.

So here we go! See you soon and I hope you like the Monkey Island references!

Animando el logo del IEEE Spectrum

Si os gusta el mundo de la tecnología y la ingeniería como a mi, aprovecho para recomendaros IEEE Spectrum, la revista/magazine/web de noticias del IEEE.

Una de las cosas que más me gusta de la edición en papel es el logo. En cada número cambia de color y contrasta de manera muy conseguida con la foto que va en portada ese mes.

Para darle un poco de vida he creado esta versión del logo animado. Pasa el ratón por encima o pulsa con el dedo sobre el logo para iniciar la animación.

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