Long live the dot matrix printers!!!

Following my last trend of trying to reuse things, I’ve purchased a dot matrix printer, an Epson LQ-300+II. Not too old because at least it has USB 1.0, but, you know, is one of these old school printers that make those characteristics crink and clank sounds. I’ve always wanted to have one, and just for 22€ (4,4Kg of shipping, two cords and a brand new ribbon cartridge included), I thought it was a great deal!

Epson LQ300+II

First time I saw one as a child was at the Public Treasury Office in Badajoz with my father. I’ll never forget the continuous feed paper folded in piles and the noisy (not to mention smoked) ambient. I also remember that courier dotted grey “a” letter, symptom of running out of ink. There’s something in that printed letter that got my attention. My guess is, at that precise moment, I discovered they were using needles and ribbons, like my father’s Olivetti typewriter. Simple but effective!

After receiving the printer and testing it, I opened the case and perform a full clean. It’s incredible how analogue these printers are. You can almost full dismantled one just pushing/pulling levers and buttons here and there. Although the LQ has his limits (I’m not going to print any photo with it) it provides enough possibilities to my print needs, and, as I can witness, it’s a very sturdy, cheap maintenance and reliable device.

Long live the dot matrix printers!!!

Using an old trackball

Last fall, I got tired of my old MacBook and decided to donate it. So I bought a tiny and cheap MSI Cube and installed Fedora in it. I used to work with Ubuntu years ago, but I read some articles about Fedora and decided to give it a go. And I’m enjoying it!

I’ve been using a Magic Trackpad with the MacBook, but I didn’t get used to it in Fedora, mainly because all the functionalities that this kind of device provides can’t be exploited. I also tested it at work, but meh. So, I sold it to a friend. Time to look for a new mouse!

After lot of time wasted in watching mouse reviews and almost spend a fortune in an ultra-mega-hyper ergonomic one, I looked into the second hand market and saw one of this:

I said to myself: “Why not?”. And, finally, last week I purchased a pre-owned Logitech Trackman Marble FX for just 20€. Yes, this trackball is not pretty and is a little bit outdated, but you will change your mind after 5 minutes of use. It’s very confy and surprisingly accurate. In a couple of days, I started to think that I had lost too much time and money in mouses and trackpads.

This device is old and its connection is PS/2, so I had to use a PS/2 converter that I had laying around. But as usually, linux didn’t recognize it, so I needed to buy a cheap PS/2 to USB active converter and bingo! It started to work right out of the box… except the little red button… It’s not being detected, but, I can live without it. At least it has left, middle and right buttons. The only problem that I’m trying to solve right now is a big one… the scroll. I haven’t be able to activate any button to trigger the scroll functionality (as this trackball hasn’t got a scrollwheel or scroll ring) and any configuration I’ve tested so far hasn’t work. If somebody has one and is kind enoguh to help me, I’ll be very grateful!

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to move the ball with my index and middle finger (by the way, I think way better than use a trackball with the thumb).

Just one more thing

Lately, I’m always searching for my keyring in every pocket of the clothes I’m wearing. I don’t know if I’m absent-minded, it’s a problem of the ageing or my genetics, but I’m starting to look like this fellow always looking for his pencil:

Columbo is terrific

Do you know him? Yeah, you can’t fail this one. It’s Columbo, lieutenant Columbo to be precise.

I know, he’s out of date and maybe it’s not a good show for the current standards in tv series… but I’m a very big fan of him.

Peter Falk’s incarnation of this homicide investigator is wonderful from my point of view. I can’t remember any other character as him that carries so well all the weight and success of a serie.

This post is just to let you know that there is a brilliant blog called The columbophile that is the ultimate site for Columbo fans. They have amazing episode reviews and you can read the latest news concerning the show. Certainly, it’s an incredible job. I wonder why Columbo has so much fans taking into account that the serie was first aired in 1968.

Small but huge

Today, I’ve sold my Honda CBR 125R, so it’s a bittersweet day. 

I’ve been with her for almost 10 years and she has never let me down. She’s been there ready to go, always starting on first try and running against all odds from cold winter mornings to hot-melting summer afternoons, moving slow but safely in the rain, and even under snow or over ice on the road…

I’ll surely miss our traffic adventures, those runs trying to find her speed limit or the easy parking anywhere we went.

She’s a trully beautiful motorcicle and I’m very proud of her.

Farewell my friend, hope to see you again!

 It’s been a very very good ride!