My Pocket Operators

Last September I stumbled upon this:

I instantly fell in love with this little machine. Those beeps and glitches were too much for me. Her name was Pocket Operator Arcade or PO-20 for short, and she was (still is) a beautiful 8-bit synthesizer coming from Teenage Engineering, Sweden. Look at these buttons, the colors, the profile, those funny animations… She is so retro and barebone!

As you may expect, I bought one and I learned how to use it. It was incredible fun and easy to play! I wonder why I’ve never seen anything like this before… Like everyone does nowadays when is buying a gadget, I searched YouTube and found tons of video tutorials showing how to start using this masterpiece and her 6 little sisters (by now) in a few minutes.

I was so impressed with the quality of the sound and the usability of the synth that I decided to buy another one, so my PO-20 won’t be alone anymore. So last month I chose PO-12 or Rhythm, a drum machine. Now I can connect both and jamm small melodies I hope I’ll share with you soon.

But, you know, after #2 comes #3, and right now, I’m deciding who will be next. Probably PO-14 Sub, but I’m not sure, could be PO-28 Robot… I’ll let you know 😉