I remember my first knife. I was 13 and my father was working in Germany for a year. When he finished and came back home, he gave me a slim black flashlight and a classic red Victorinox.

As a teenager, my parents didn’t allow me to play with it, so I was always waiting for a day off to go fishing or hunting. The perfect excuse to take it and use it for a while. That knife was very sharp and it cut and chopped things like they were butter.

I lost my knife, don’t know were and when so in my early twenties, I bought another knife, a chinese one at a fair. It was a bad knife and whenever I tried to use it, I became upset. So I throw it away and never buy other.

Several years ago, my girlfriend gave me another Victorinox as a present: the Ranger. The knife is the longest I’ve seen in a Victorinox and is sturdy and very manageable. The best knife you can buy in my humble opinion.

But is too heavy to carry out in a daily basis. So I searched for a new one.

This is my new daily knife. A thin Victorinox Bantam. It’s name fits well with its character. It has a small blade and a multi tool with six functions. I’ve only used it for one month, but I can tell you that it’s a magnificent knife. Don’t miss it.


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