Long live the dot matrix printers!!!

Following my last trend of trying to reuse things, I’ve purchased a dot matrix printer, an Epson LQ-300+II. Not too old because at least it has USB 1.0, but, you know, is one of these old school printers that make those characteristics crink and clank sounds. I’ve always wanted to have one, and just for 22€ (4,4Kg of shipping, two cords and a brand new ribbon cartridge included), I thought it was a great deal!

Epson LQ300+II

First time I saw one as a child was at the Public Treasury Office in Badajoz with my father. I’ll never forget the continuous feed paper folded in piles and the noisy (not to mention smoked) ambient. I also remember that courier dotted grey “a” letter, symptom of running out of ink. There’s something in that printed letter that got my attention. My guess is, at that precise moment, I discovered they were using needles and ribbons, like my father’s Olivetti typewriter. Simple but effective!

After receiving the printer and testing it, I opened the case and perform a full clean. It’s incredible how analogue these printers are. You can almost full dismantled one just pushing/pulling levers and buttons here and there. Although the LQ has his limits (I’m not going to print any photo with it) it provides enough possibilities to my print needs, and, as I can witness, it’s a very sturdy, cheap maintenance and reliable device.

Long live the dot matrix printers!!!

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