Hello! My name is Juan. And I want to be a pirate!
And I create digital stuff.

Welcome bucko to my particular log, full of ideas that come across my mind and a place where you can read a little bit of the adventures I'm envolved in. Hope you like technology, music and computers as I do. If not, you'll walk the plank!

Currently under the order of Cap'n Mobbeel as a full stack developer, swabbing the deck of security and looking for buried treasures of biometry.

If I'm not sleeping on my cot or expending my Doubloons on grog craft beer at the ScrumBar, here is how you can meet me and join my crew.

And if you're looking for the real Fountain of Youth, don' forget to come to Extremadura, the only place in the world that gives you time as a present!

Yep, sweet water.