Finding X

“Many of us have been asked to find X, but for something to be found, it must first have been lost.”

A cute stop motion short film about our mathematical friend X.

My childhood books

One day, I was struggling to remember the first book I read when I was a child. I had some images crossing my mind about a pair of adventurous shoes and also a boy building a space ship.

With those clues, I started to look for the book. I searched in my old box of books resting at the garret of my parent’s, even queried to my sister about it, but seems that we no longer have any book from the time. So I searched online for the traveller boots and quickly found the book title: Mundo Nuevo (New World) . You can notice one of the boots in the front cover. It tells the trip of Charolín and Mediasuela (Little-patent-leather and Half-sole), from the home of their kid owner to the countryside and back. Their adventures involves balloons, a gipsy, a circus, bandits… and even a football match in Zapatilandia (Shoeland). But nothing about an Elon Musk in his childhood. It turn out that I need to find another book. Anyway, good memories.

And now, how to find the second one? So many hits for “tale of boy building a space ship” and none of them were the correct one. So I began to look for the reading books that were published around these times and, after two or three days of reading fairy a non fairy tales, I found it: Senda 1 (Pathway 1). Quite a name for a space probe!

It tells the story about Toni and his love for building flying things, and also Moncho and Mina, his friends. Most of chapters narrate their childhood adventures and also those of their pets. They even had a martian girl friend that visits them in her OVNI.

While reading the book, I found the very same image that was crossing my mind these years. Doesn’t it look like the Starship from SpaceX? Hmmmm…

Lovely stories… Is there a link between this book and my love for space and technology? I don’t know you, but I’m starting to believe that books (and not only food) make us.

Quake, but in 13kb

Awesome job done by Dominic Szablewski @phoboslab with this demake of Quake in just 13kb of JavaScript! Read the postmortem here, it’s very interesting to follow all the design choices and the technical explanation of the development. I hope he wins the js13k competition this year.

On wind

We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails. – Cora L. V. Hatch

Sarah Chronos vs T-1K

I made a small (1024 bytes) game in PICO-8 for the #PICO-1K Jam. Hope you enjoy it playing as much as I enjoyed making it!

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