Just one more thing

Lately, I’m always searching for my keyring in every pocket of the clothes I’m wearing. I don’t know if I’m absent-minded, it’s a problem of the ageing or my genetics, but I’m starting to look like this fellow always looking for his pencil:

Columbo is terrific

Do you know him? Yeah, you can’t fail this one. It’s Columbo, lieutenant Columbo to be precise.

I know, he’s out of date and maybe it’s not a good show for the current standards in tv series… but I’m a very big fan of him.

Peter Falk’s incarnation of this homicide investigator is wonderful from my point of view. I can’t remember any other character as him that carries so well all the weight and success of a serie.

This post is just to let you know that there is a brilliant blog called The columbophile that is the ultimate site for Columbo fans. They have amazing episode reviews and you can read the latest news concerning the show. Certainly, it’s an incredible job. I wonder why Columbo has so much fans taking into account that the serie was first aired in 1968.

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