Random Plant Generation

Looking for information about procedural generation algorithms and random patterns, I’ve stumbled upon this site of Roland Rytz where you can generate not only a bush or tree but a forest with all features that can be randomized and customized. It’s weirdly enjoyable to loose some time playing around with the parameters.


I’m trying to be more organized in my daily life, so I’ve started to track some things that I’m willing to do (like sport or write this blog) and others that I’m hoping to do less (like drink alcohol).

I searched for a good app for my mobile phone with several features:

  • Easy to use, clean and simple
  • With widgets to tick a task
  • And statistics

Loop Habit Tracker is a helpful Android app that allows you all these things and more. And it’s open source. What more can I ask for?

Tales from the Lunar Guidance Computer

In Tales from the Lunar Guidance Computer, Don Eyles, a software engineer during the Apollo lunar missions and developer of several programs for the computer of the Lunar Module, does a very detailed description of that computer and its i/os, the real time system used and also the efforts made to solve some bugs and replicate errors. Truly interesting if you love computers and astronautics.

“I’ve written computer programs while I was stoned which have turned out to be pretty good programs.”, Don Eyles at Extra! Weird-Looking Freak Saves Apollo 14!

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