Random Plant Generation

Looking for information about procedural generation algorithms and random patterns, I’ve stumbled upon this site of Roland Rytz where you can generate not only a bush or tree but a forest with all features that can be randomized and customized. It’s weirdly enjoyable to loose some time playing around with the parameters.

Build your own video card

As a former image and sound engineer student, I wish I had an electronics teacher as Ben Eater. You can follow his explanations even with not knowledge at all (well, a little bit in maths). In this video he is creating a fully functional computer video card. Amazing. It could had been a good final project for my degree.

Freeway: Crack in the system

Recently, I’ve watch this documentary about the narc Rick Ross and how the CIA was involved in the American crack epidemic. It’s not an outstanding documentary but it’s easy to follow and you finish with a relative comprehension of the matter.

On Rick Ross: I don’t believe in the reintegration, especially of sex criminals, murderers and embezzlement of public funds convicts. I do believe in redemption instead. I don’t know how to feel about this man: he’s portrayed as a good boy, with aversion on violence and full of capitalism greed. Now, he’s out of jail and trying to do now the correct thing. But he has directly destroyed thousands of people’s life and their families. I know life is gray, not black and white, but I don’t think this guy deserves to be free. Not to mention his partners and so on. They should be all in prison.

On CIA, police, government: More dark stuff, as always. No surprise. Money’s money. Always looking for the national security, bla bla, bla… There is a good phrase in the documentary, something like:”Do you want to see what is like hell? Try to play in a rigged poker game where everybody is cheating but you.”


I’m really looking forward to play this game. This retro pixelated cyberpunk point and click adventure has everything to success. I only wish the script is as good as it seems. You can buy it here.

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